Putting your company on the map during a trade show is important to build your client base. However, how do you get people’s attention at a trade show? We’ll be breaking down important trade show booth tips to help your company.

Trade Show Booth Designs

The first tip in trade show booth tips is to understand your overall theme. Will your booth have the shelves and fixtures to correctly showcase your company? Also, will the colors of everything represent your company the best? Maybe consider getting help from a custom trade show booth designer to help craft your booth.

Some great trade show booth tips are to include bright lighting, an open floor plan, creating a fun environment and making sure your booth looks polished. Making sure your booth stands out from the rest helps with client building at trade shows.

Bright Lighting

When creating your booth remember to have bright lighting. Make sure the convention hall has enough lighting for your booth. Lighting is one of the best ways to grab a customer’s attention. People respond to lighting and can see your booth better compared to dark-themed booths. There are a few ways to add lighting to your trade show booth.

First, make sure that any shelves placed have back wall lighting to show off your products. Second, consider adding underglow to the kiosk and any shelves. By adding underglow it gives off a unique and mystical feeling to your booth. If your hardware doesn’t have lighting options then ask for advice from a commercial interior designer in Las Vegas.

Open Space Design

The second tip to make your trade show booth stand out is to include an open space design. Bring enough inventory and booth fixtures, but don’t let it take over your area. Having tight spaces doesn’t allow for customers to walk and browse your booth. This will disrupt the natural shopping experience for your company.

It’s best to leave enough space between every shelf or fixture that you’re bringing. Allow a few feet of space for walking space between any hardware that is being placed in your booth area. Overall, this is one of the ways to grab a shopper’s attention during the trade show.

Fun Atmosphere

Have you ever been to a place where the atmosphere made up for the overall shopping experience? Well, that was on purpose! When going to a trade show make sure that you bring a fun atmosphere. Maybe consider playing music for anyone that comes to your booth. This sets your trade show booth apart since there’s a different vibe. Trade shows can get busy during peak hours so use everything in your power to make your booth shine.

Music resonates with so many people, so it can act as an opener for people to naturally introduce themselves. A fun atmosphere can make people stay in your booth longer, which builds up your lead base!

Polished Products

The process of building your trade show booth isn’t easy. You have to bring in your own hardware and fixtures then set everything up. Once everything is set up make sure that everything is spotlessly clean. A clean trade show booth helps maintain its prestigious image. Make sure to clean your trade show booth throughout the day to stay clean.