If you own a retail store or shopping mall kiosk, then you know how important it is to grab shoppers’ attention before they walk right past your merchandise without making a purchase. Surely grabbing a shopper’s attention can’t be that hard, can it? With the right retail design from Quaddro Studio in Las Vegas, a little bit of savvy marketing, and the right attitude, capturing the attention of shoppers is very much in your reach! Try out these proven methods that are sure to grab shoppers’ attention as they walk near your retail displays.

End Cap Shelving

If you have a retail store large enough to accommodate aisles of products and inventory, then you need to take advantage of end cap shelving. End cap shelving refers to the outward facing space between aisles that put products front and center for shoppers to see. These end caps should be stocked with basket-stuffers and items that are more commonly thought of as impulse buys. Stock the end cap shelving with small, inexpensive items or hot items that you really want to promote. Remember that these are some of the most visible spots in your store, so make the most of them.

Strong Visual Retail Displays

Is your store making the most of visual displays? Whether you have a shopping mall kiosk or a full retail store, using visual displays to showcase products, prominently display special offers, and more. Visual displays can be traditional media in the form of posters and signs or they can be digital in the form of graphics, videos, and more. While both work just fine, digital displays have been shown to be more effective in helping shop-owners like you to grab shoppers’ attention.

Sale Signs

When shoppers are walking through the mall, one of the more persuasive ways of grabbing their attention is the use of prominently displayed sale sales. Every shopper loves a good deal, even if it’s just 10% or 15% off. If they see that there are deals going on, they will likely come in and look around at some of the merchandise. This gives your sales team the best opportunity to engage with customers in order to make those sales. It is wise to post sale signs on outward facing windows so that they are visible from a distance.

Quaddro Studio

Quaddro Studio is a retail design and fabrication studio in Las Vegas that specializes in designing and building retail displays, shopping mall kiosks, and retail store interiors. All of our designing and fabrication is done in-house to keep costs low for you and your business. From designing small convention booths and kiosks to helping you roll out your next retail locations, Quaddro Studio is here to help. Visit Quaddro.Vegas for examples, pricing, and more.