Are you getting into the business of selling retail items from a retail kiosk? Understanding the benefits of a mall kiosk and knowing which features to include on your kiosk can make or break even the most experienced retailer. That’s where having the experts at Quaddro Studio in your corner can help you understand the best features every Las Vegas retail kiosk design should have. Our in-house retail design and fabrication studio makes it easy for use to include all of the best retail kiosk design features from the initial 3D model rendering to ensure that you have a successful retail kiosk that maximizes sales.

Keep It Simple

First thing to understand about retail kiosk designs is that you cannot over state how important simplicity is. While crazy and complex kiosks and booths may be eye-catching, if a kiosk has too much going on, shoppers may go around just to avoid your kiosk all together. Any time it comes creating anything, just remind yourself of the acronym KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

Engage Customer’s Senses

When it comes to selling items at a kiosk, you need to make customers slow down or stop long enough for your sales team to make contact, draw them in, and close the sale. One way to do this is by having retail kiosk design features that engage multiple senses at once. Combining audio and video, as you would with a digital screen, can cause passersby to stop walking and look towards your retail kiosk. On our end, that is where we design lights, accents, and visual displays into your kiosk design that engage customer’s senses.

Display Your Products Effectively

Are the items that you sell at your kiosk front and center? Is it obvious that you are a kiosk that sells glasses, hats, shoes, beauty products, etc? If not then you are leaving a lot of money on the table as many would-be customers are probably walking by your kiosk without any idea that you sell x, y, or z. A good retail kiosk design will display your products effectively to emphasize the quality of your products.

Location, Location, Location

Finally, and although this is not necessarily a feature per se, it’s important to mention. Location matters! You want to be sure that you kiosk is located in a high-traffic area and while this may cost you more in terms of rent, a good kiosk location will pay for itself many times over.

Quaddro Studio Retail Design and Fabrication for Mall Kiosks

Quaddro Studio is a leading retail design and fabrication studio in Las Vegas. We design and fabricate retail store interiors, shopping mall kiosks, and trade show booths and exhibits completely in house for some of the biggest names in retail! When you’re ready to roll out your next retail kiosk location or launch, trust the experienced craftsman at Quaddro Studio retail design in Las Vegas.