Thinking about opening up for first business? There are many benefits to investing in your own business. While opening up any business is a risk we hope that it succeeds! Quaddro Studio will be breaking down the 5 tips to maintain your business.

1. Maintain Business Management

When opening up your first business it’s important to keep a few things in mind. For one, stores might be financially more expensive to invest in than kiosks. There’s a lot more space to rent, renovate and an area to fill up with products. On the other hand, kiosks are not on the same level as stores. However, this shouldn’t be seen as not as successful. Both investments are successful in their own right. Both stores and kiosks buy and sell products on their own budget. Both entities can understand the difference between when the business is hot or cold. Lastly, it’s important to manage the overall expenses of the business and when to meet sales demands.

2. Add Lighting

One of the 5 tips to maintain your business is to add bright lighting. Adding this luxurious lighting can transform the overall look of the business. Even adding underglow to the bottom of displays can add a prestige feel to every product. It will look as if someone is walking up to a treasure that demands their attention. Not to mention, bright lighting can also create a welcoming atmosphere since people tend to respond better to bright lights than to dark environments. A darker-themed environment can also make products less visible to customers.

3. Clean, Clean & Clean Your Business

An indirect way to keep your customers attention is to always clean your business. A dusty, filthy and dirty business will not do well with customers. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it’s important to clean your business. It’s best to do this at the start of the day and throughout the day. As your business gets busy throughout the day it also gets dirtier with every hour that passes. Be on the lookout for any unwanted dirt and dust that might collect over time. The same goes for the bathroom if it is open to customers. For stores, please do the same with the stockroom. The stockroom can get very dirty when handling packages of products.

4. Sell Products First That Isn’t Doing Well

The fourth tip of the 5 tips to maintain your business is to track products that aren’t selling well. Once you find a product that isn’t selling then do your best to get customers to buy it. Those products are investments so try to sell them as quickly as possible. If need be then move them to an area where people can see them. If all else fails then reduce its price and put up a sign notifying people about the sale. Customers tend to respond better to the word sale than clearance. The word clearance has a negative connotation with it so stray away from the word clearance. People tend to think there’s a defect to the product or know that the item isn’t doing well.

5. Don’t Pressure Associates

The last tip of the 5 tips to maintain your business is to never pressure your associates to sell. Creating a hostile or toxic environment inside your business will never benefit anyone. When people hate working for your business the sales fall. Make sure to try to complete a sale but don’t pressure the associate into forcing a sale. Customers will pick up on this energy and will leave your store. When that happens then no one wins!