Understanding The Problem

One of the toughest things any person or business can do is admit there’s a problem. However, don’t get so down in the dumps on it! Change is needed for overall success and longevity within your business. Dig deep into what is causing some of your business problems. Take time to reflect on them then act accordingly. If you find yourself needing some guidance then allow Quaddro Studio to help you with 5 signs your store needs to be redesigned.

1. Not Getting Enough Traffic

A business can have the best marketing strategy and products, however, none of that means a thing if you’re not getting enough traffic. If your store or kiosk is experiencing this issue then that’s a warning sign. Consider redesigning any window displays that are on the front entrance. If your business is a kiosk, then consider moving to a different location in your area that has a lot of foot traffic. The perfect window display will attract the right buyers before they even enter your store. Combine that with the right amount of foot traffic then you’re one step ahead of the competition.

2. Your Store Is Starting To Look Its Age

An indirect drawback of staying in business for so many years is that your store or kiosk can look its age. We want your business to thrive! Just be aware of the interior design. If you’re finding yourself fixing a lot of shelves, lights and furniture then it’s time for a redesign. Renovations don’t have to be costly, in fact, some DIY projects can be cost-effective and can look better than purchasing something new. Also, consider hiring a professional to help with your redesign. Another thing to keep in mind is your business’s colors. If the white is starting to looking off-white or the black colors look faded then it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. The same can be said for any scratches that are on surfaces. Once your store is starting to look like its age then that’s one of the 5 signs your store needs to be redesigned.

3. Clients Feel Pressured To Buy

We understand the importance of a sale, but don’t get too tunnel-visioned on the sale. This can cause a huge disconnect with the buyer. The last thing any client wants is to feel the pressure from a business to buy. Although this isn’t a store redesign, this is a philosophy redesign. Have this much-needed talk with yourself and your employees. Giving the customer the freedom to shop will lead to a sale. Only offer the customer the service they want and not be hounded to try different products.

4. Aisles And Inventory Are Starting To Look Cramped

It’s great to have aisles and shelves stocked with inventory, however, if there’s too much on display then this can cause an issue. Adding so many aisles inside your business can give off a negative impression. Customers can feel cramped while shopping or become trapt within aisles if there’s a lot of foot traffic. In severe cases, this can lead to frustration causing the client to leave without purchasing anything. Your business should feel welcoming and not claustrophobic. The same thing can be applied to a kiosk! Make sure to have enough spacing between items so that every product can shine in its own right.

5. Your Company Doesn’t Have A Strong Online Presence

One thing that should never be overlooked is your company website. You’d be surprised at the number of companies that don’t even take care of their website. Make sure your business can easily be found on social media and online. Clearly display what your business hours are, where people can find it and where people can contact you. Digital sales are on the rise in recent years, so make sure your business is getting every kind of sale. A boost to your social media advertisement can even reach new clients!

Redesign Your Store With Quaddro Studio

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